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K71 Marker Posts

Protected Bike Lane Video

Experience the look and presence of the K71 post along side of a roadway and how they help identify bicycle & pedestrian lanes.  

K71 Marker Posts

Over the past 20 years, US Reflector K71 flexible post has helped redefine bike lanes across north America. The K71 bollards wide body design provides a much greater visual separation of traffic and bicycle lanes when compared to thinner commonly used traffic posts designed for work zones.

The K71 post is equipped with 2 recessed 4-inch reflective colors providing excellent nighttime visibility.
Easy to install and remove the K71 post has become part of the Vision Zero program helping redefining safer roadways for the future.


The K71 post 7.5-inch diameter helps motorists and bicyclists identify bike lanes from standard thin construction posts.

K71 Self re-erecting marker posts for protected bike lanes

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K72 Self re-erecting Style post

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Total performance interchangeable traffic post and channelizer system

360 degree optical markers for all curbs and medians

Flexible upright sign post with SmartFlex tecnology

in road and Road side traffic post systems 

Reflectors for all applications

Reflectors for gates, fences & chains

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