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K71 Flexible Traffic Post

Over the past 20 years, US Reflector K71 bicycle lane posts have helped redefine bike lanes across north America.

The K71 bollards are stronger than the flexible thinner posts commonly used and provide a much greater visual separation of traffic and bicycle lanes day & night with 2 high power reflective collars 4 inch wide each.

Marker Posts perform even when struck at high speeds… Aggressive testing has shown the can withstand 65 m.p.h. impacts consecutively in all directions.
Two 4 inch
retro-reflective collars allow the Marker post to be seen from a distance at night.



The K71 post has become part of the Vision Zero program helping redefining safer roadways for the future. Easy to install and maintain, the K71 post 7.5 inch diameter helps motorists and bicyclists identify bike lanes from standard thin construction posts.

Self-Erecting Marker Posts offer constant visibility in day or night driving with 2 4″ reflective collars.
The marker post “gives” under impact, and re-erects itself to the vertical position.
Self-erecting post can be used in a multitude of applications such as protected bike lanes, crosswalks, work zones, mediums, off ramps, bike paths and parking areas.
Flexible post is available in orange, yellow, white, green, blue, red, brown and black.

Standard reflective colored films are: white, yellow, red, green or blue.

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Blue (Custom), Red (Custom), White, Yellow, Bright Green, Medium green, Forest green, Black, Blue, Red, Custom Color

Reflective film Colors

Diamond grade white, White high intensity, Yellow high intensity, Diamond grade fluorescent yellow, Diamond grade fluorescent orange, Diamond grade fluorescent yellow green, Blue high intensity, Red high intensity, Custom film with Logo, No Film