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Prismatic Reflectors

US Reflector’s High Performance reflective prismatic reflectors go far beyond traditional reflectors with there A symmetrical design. Prismatic reflectors utilize a unique asymmetrical prismatic form that is designed to multiply entering light beams into intense candlelight power.

Reflectors can be mounted on trees, poles, gates, vehicles, buildings, jersey barriers and guard rails or may also be adapted to any application requiring safety enhancement.


  • Reflector has two mounting holes for fixation.
  • Reinforced high power prismatic reflectors are built with individual reflective chambers that protect the lens from contamination if ever exposed to outside elements.
  • Inner cross frame adds strength and durability to all applications.
  • Reflectors can be installed using adhesive, tape, screws, nails and rivets.




High power prismatic reflectors for precision light reflex and superior visibility. Built with a prism structure that is 3 times the normal size of traditional reflectors brings angularity and visibility that is crystal clear.  Deep cut prisms improve motorists approach visibility in road curvatures.
All high power reflectors have an inner cross frame that not only strengthens the reflector, but protects the chambers from contaminating elements, thereby allowing the reflector to perform under the most extreme conditions.

Aditional Information

Dimensions 3.25 × 4.5 cm

White, Yellow, Amber, Orange, Red, Green, Blue


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