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GuidStar SR-40

GuideStar SR-40 road stud is ideal for locations with low sun exposure due to its high performance photovoltaic solar module. Rugged construction with a mechanical resistance of 160 tons ensures suitable for all snowplowing applications.

• Dynamic road markings
• Redirection of traffic lanes
• Toll Booth advance warning lights
• Tunnels and covered roadways
• Dangerous turns
• Bicycle lanes
• Pedestrian crosswalks
• Wrong way markings





The GuideStar SR-40 is a high powered LED marker that operates on solar power and designed to be snow plowable. Super strong structure designed to withstand heavy traffic circulation including heavy trucks of more then 160 tons.

The GS SR-40 road stud has low power RF with 868MHz network commu-nication. The technology used in the SR-40 increase the performance of solar power studs with energy storage by battery or capacitor.
The main advantage of SR-40 is the micro controller technology inside each stud, which allows several beneficial features and control options even after installation.

GuideStar SR-40 Brochure

Aditional Information


LED’s Configuration: Unidirectional or Bidirectional
LED Type: Standard
Operating Mode: Programmable
Material: Stainless Steel and Polycarbonate
Power Supply: Battery
Raising from road surface: 0.16 inch / 4 mm
Mechanical Resistance: 160 Tons
i-STUD Technology: Yes
Snow plow ready: Yes
Wireless Programmable after installation: Yes
Ice Detector – Option Available: Yes
High Reflective Elements: No
Applications: Regular Traffic Zones