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K71 Marker Posts

Protected Bike Lane Video

Experience the look and presence of the K71 post along side of a roadway and how they help identify bicycle & pedestrian lanes.  

K71 Marker Posts

Over the past 20 years, US Reflector K71 flexible post has helped redefine bike lanes across north America. The K71 bollards wide body design provides a much greater visual separation of traffic and bicycle lanes when compared to thinner commonly used traffic posts designed for work zones.

The K71 post is equipped with 2 recessed 4-inch reflective colors providing excellent nighttime visibility.
Easy to install and remove the K71 post has become part of the Vision Zero program helping redefining safer roadways for the future.


The K71 post 7.5-inch diameter helps motorists and bicyclists identify bike lanes from standard thin construction posts.

K72 Flexible Style Posts

STYLE posts are a soft and flexible marker post designed to add esthetics to municipal traffic calming applications. Designed to look like steel posts, the K72 Posts are easy to install and can be used for temporary or permanent applications. Equipped with
a 4” reflective band for day night visibility. The Style posts unique design brings a new generation of traffic control devices with functional creativity.

Safety Style posts bring character and definition
to city, and municipal applications discouraging illegal parking.

K72 Post

The K72 Style post unique profile helps accent bike lanes from standard thin construction posts.

K825 Flexible Style Posts For Protected Bike Lanes

US Reflectors new K825 self-re-erecting marker post has been specially designed with a wide body to distinctly
alert approaching motorists of the presence of a protected bike lane

K825 post for protected bike lanes

The K825  post helps accent bike lanes from standard thin construction posts.

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LA StarCurb

Separate vehicle lanes and create protected bike lanes with StarCurb Lane Dividers
US Reflector’s StarCurb is a new full length recycled rubber lane separator system specifically designed to
quickly divide traffic lanes and create bicycle lanes.

LA Starcurb

The LA STARCURB helps define protected bike lanes from standard small low-profile curbing.

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Narrow Bike Lane Defender

US Reflector’s Narrow Bike Lane Defenders are solid rubber units which replicate curb height, making
them ideal for creating fully segregated bike lanes where roadway width is limited.

Narrow Bike Lane Defenders have been Engineered for rapid installation in bike lanes of any scale

Lane Separators

US Reflector’s Standard Bike Separators are solid rubber units which replicate road mediums making them ideal for creating lanes for vehicles and / or bike lanes.

Standard Bike Lane Separators have been engineered for rapid installation for the division of traffic lanes of any scale.

Pedestrian Refuge

US Reflector’s 2-Piece Modular Traffic Islands (MTI) are a universal lane separator system that allows
roadways to be quickly divided into crosswalk refuge areas or create lane dividers that promote traffic calming by
channelizing vehicles through a designated area

2-Piece pedestrian refuges range from 5-feet wide to 8-feet wide across 2 & 4 lane roadways for safe pedestrian passage.  

ARMORSTUD 360° Optical Reflective Pavement Markers for all Roadways & Curves

Armorstud is the original 360 degree optical pavement marker since 1993. Manufactured with toughened glass, the reflective roadmarkers are a maintenance free permanent traffic control device. Constructed from high quality hardened glass, a material that is harder than steel offering enhanced mechanical properties
exceeding 38 tons.

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OptiCURB-CURB 360° Optical Reflective Technology Illuminates & Defines Dark & Winding Roads

OptiCURB 360˚ Optical reflective curb markers are a
maintenance free permanent traffic control device designed to last the life of a curb. Illuminate and define raised medians, curbs, islands, rotaries and merging lanes with TOTAL LIGHT FUNCTIONING.

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OptiCurb 360 Degree glass markers

Total performance interchangeable traffic post and channelizer system

360 degree optical markers for all curbs and medians

Flexible upright sign post with SmartFlex tecnology

in road and Road side traffic post systems 

Reflectors for all applications

Reflectors for gates, fences & chains

Modern Urban Mobility Designed to illuminate roadways, walkways, 
bike paths & pedestrian areas. The new CITY LIGHTS LED flexible bollard help guide vehicles, pedestrians and bike safely along the roadway

Illuminating crosswalk posts are designed to be at a walker’s angle of view when pedestrians are looking at their phones and ready to cross the road. The new
CITY-LIGHTS flexible bollard alerts pedestrians if it is safe to cross the street or not.

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