Jersey Barrier Saddle (JBS) was developed especially for ease of Installation on jersey barriers as a one step installation sign support.

The precision angled saddle is made of steel offering strength as well as dollar savings in time.

Telescoping Uni-Mate has pre-drilled holes for sign attachment and height.

Modle1: JBS-936-10
MODEL 1: The form of a truncated "V" with a stem, the JBS can easily be carried and seated on most all jersey barriers then anchored in place in minutes, utilizing the pre-existing barrier holes, while avoiding extensive labor and drilling costs

The inner Uni-mate tube slides within the larger tube that is permanently affixed to the base saddle.

Modle1: JBS-936-2
MODEL 2: Designed for its compact-ability, the steel tubing sits through a center hole on the saddle. Steel bottom plate keeps stem firmly in place.

If the steel tubing gets deformed by flying debris, a stem is all that is needed for replacement. Parts may be purchased separately. 

Tested and approved by Mass Highway, the JBS will install quickly and effectively.

Barriers with non-existent holes can be fastened with steel sleeve plugs also supplied with unit.

JBS support holds most all signalization panels with strength and ease. 
Patents  pending
Item Number
Jersey Barrier Saddle comes assembled; mounting rod included.

1 complete unit.



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