visual guidance products offer the the most advanced photoluminescent technology available today.

Bright & Long Lasting, STEP-GLOW® is over 80% brighter then ASTM standards and durable enough to carry a 10 year guarantee. Use STEP-GLOW for safe illuminated indoor and outdoor environments

Recycle Light with stair strips, rolls and pathway stones
See the step avoid the fall

STEP GLOW Anti-skid adhesive tape
Glow and anti-skid design helps reduces slips and falls by providing visual guidance. Not only for stairs, Step-Glow has a product line for all Government, Commercial and Residential applications
STEP GLOW Paving stones
Contrast enhanced glow in the dark walkway stones for safety and elegant pathways. Can be used in roadway applications. Go
STEP GLOW stair rails

Photoluminescent step edge, path finding and handrail products for both indoor and out door applications Go

Always see your step in changing light conditions
STEP GLOW Guidance Signs
Glow signs and directional glow in the dark arrows provide day & night visual guidance. For indoor and outdoor use.

Go signs

Step Glow° Self illuminating photoluminescent technologies offer an incredibly bright visual guidance solution for most all indoor and out door applications. Illuminate steps, rails, doorways, walkways, docks, buoys, handicap ramps, work areas and many other areas that would help guide safe passage and avoid accidents during the event of a light-out or simply the onset of sundown. Step Glow° not only provides bright high intensity night illumination, it also looks great. Use for accent lighting around pools and marine applications, entrance ways, railings.

Making environments safer using Step Glow° is quick and easy. No maintenance involved. Our Photoluminescent Safety Markings are built tough with a 20+ year light regenerating capability.

Use Step Glow° photoluminescent step edge & path finding products and excite the night. Most likely you will save on electricity costs. Don't turn on the light, let Step Glow illuminate the night!

STEP GLOW Indoor & outdoor paint
Glow paint is available in water and solvent base.
Designs are unlimited with High Intensity photoluminescent coatings

STEP GLOW Docks and Marinas

Photoluminescent dock lighting and handrail with anti-skid properties

Complete stair and sign catalog

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Photoluminescent step edge, path finding, handrail and exit sign products
for both indoor and out door applications
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