Step Glow° high intensity photoluminescent light recycling technology provides incredibly bright night time visibility without the need for electricity. Step Glow° has been developed to Increases safety and visibility inside or outside.

Step Glow° family of products offer unparalleled illumination characteristics such as light sustainability in minimal light conditions and light recycling capabilities of 20+ years by using Step Glow's new 3rd generation of UV resistant glow materials. Step Glow° products are widely used in government, industrial, commercial and consumer applications offering a safe, dependable, certified visual night time guidance solution.

Step Glow° self illumination technology increases visibility in low light conditions for safety and emergency egress. Our full line of sign identification systems for indoor and outdoor applications set a new standard to non reflecting and reflecting sign technology that requires light for visibility. Our technology has been engineered to provide vibrant, all night illumination in almost any color.

Increase visibility

Decrease liability

Prevent slips and falls with Step Glow
G3-L2 Photoluminescent technology

Recycle Light with stair strips, rolls and pathway stones
Step Glow° has been designed to illuminate stairs and walkways during power outages without the need for electricity. SG-3 (Step Glow Generation 3) contribute to safer working environments during times of panic or simply to help guide individuals through walk ways and unlit areas after sunset. Vibrant colors accent through fog and rainy conditions allowing individuals to identify railings and other objects that may assist in preventing a slip or fall.

The continuous increase in Insurance company safety demands including, OSHA, (Occupational Safety & Health Association) enforce the need for safe visible stairs, walls, doors, equipment, machinery and walkways. Step Glow° meets the expectations of loss prevention reducing risk in high traffic areas.

The first step to a safer environment is visibility and awareness with Step Glow° Illuminating visual Guidance Devices.

Step Glow° products illuminate with greater intensity and persistence then competing products with new Generation 3 level 2 coatings.

Safe, Fast Installation
Whether you are using Step Glows stair rails, hand rails, adhesive anti-skid glow tape, pavers, paints and coatings, you will discover they are quick and easy to install. The prevention of hazardous conditions is our duty and expertise.

Step Glow° renews worn out step edges making them safer with anti-skid step rails combined with ultra bright photoluminescent SG3 L2 pigments

Step Glow° UV resistant formulas are durable and long lasting with 20+ year light regenerating capabilities. Use step glow and our exclusive paving stones for making outside environments aesthetically pleasing and safe. Wether your application is safety related or for ambient settings, Step Glow° products will change the way you see the light ahead..

Step Glow stair strips are delivered pre-cut to fit most any stair case commercial or residential

Vibrant Color

Long Lasting


Photoluminescent step edge, path finding, handrail and exit sign products
for both indoor and out door applications
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