Barriergurd 800 TL4 Approved
Steel Barrier & Gate System

Portable and permanent barrier protection for bridges, work zones and force protection

  • Compare to concrete
  • 20+ year life span
  • Eliminates dead weight on bridges
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Greatly reduces vehicle impact damage
  • Deployment 1000 feet per hour

US FlashPost® exclusive design and ability to be seen day or night takes incident management to a whole new level. Spend more time assisting those in need instead of directing traffic.
  • LED Power-Strobe replaces flares
  • Light color and post identifies departments and personnel
  • Optional signs and arrows
  • Ballast with sand or water
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Step-Glow® visual guidance products offer the the most advanced photoluminescent technology available today.

Bright & Long Lasting, STEP-GLOW® is over 80% brighter then ASTM standards and durable enough to carry a 10 year guarantee. Use STEP-GLOW for safe illuminated indoor and outdoor environments

  • Illuminate stairs & walkways
  • 20+ year life span
  • 80% brighter then ASTM standards
  • Multiple colors available