US REFLECTOR offers a several types of surface mount delineator traffic posts that are designed to respond to all types safety enhancement projects
Traffic safety starts with visibility, durability and resistance. Not all applications should be forgiving in terms of flexibility but also need to have energy absorbing capabilities. Our incredible line of traffic safety posts will have your safety applications looking good. US Reflector traffic posts are a easy to install and come in a variety of colors adapting to government, urban, municipal and commercial applications. Check out our resistance meter gauge, it might just change the way you thought the way posts should work.
Meet Mr. Bend
Mr. Bend's job is to show how resistant US Reflector traffic posts are, not just the height and color.
We know that safety applications differ, so we decided to put a little backbone in our product line. Use the Resistance Meter Guide (RMG) and give your applications the right to fight back.
Tough Post
1-3 flexible
4-7 Semi rigid
8-10 Extreemly resistant

K-71 flexible posts


Tough Post
Tough-Post is a revolutionary traffic safety device material that is physically impossible to bend with human force. Tough-Post was designed to allow emergency vehicles to pass over them and keep out unauthorized vehicles.

Can be installed permanent or with base support opening access areas when needed. Go Tough Post

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