US REFLECTOR offers a several types of L.E.D. lights that are designed
to respond to all types safety enhancement projects

Partnered with leading component manufactures, US Reflector delivers knowledge with turn key illumination solutions every day. With over 20 years of illumination experience and with a drive to maintain a cutting edge product line, we are confident that simplicity will exceed your expectations

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L.E.D. Solar powered illuminating pavement markers are a quick cost effective safety solution for crosswalk awareness, dangerous turns, stop lines and hazardous locations. LED pavement markers bond directly to concrete and asphalt surfaces using our quick bond system. Choose from blinking and sustained burn. Available in most all standard colors. Flush mount Solar LED snow plowable models available.
Go LED Pavement markers
L.E.D. Signal-Light high powered Jersey barrier and roadway lights are incomparable and unlike any other illuminating traffic safety device in the industry. Powerful 1 and 3 watt LED's allow the marker to be seen during the day and night alerting motorists 24 x7. Identify dangerous turns, lane changes and roundabouts. Low tension power requirements allow any installation to use solar and wind powered solutions or even direct powered. Our quick connect wire connectors makes setup a breeze. See MK-6 model for single and double sided illumination solutions. LED Jersey Barrier lights (PDF file)
L.E.D. Solar warning signs are truly the best advance notification signage in the industry. Traffic safety has emerged from basic passive signage to incorporating LED and solar technology packaged into a programmable day night self sustained traffic safety device. Crosswalks, stop signs, gas & electric hazards and merging lanes can be triggered using several activation devices such as trigger pads, light sensors, remote activation, mobile activation, fog and ice sensors that function 24 hours a day all year every year with no maintenance intervention. Custom sign solutions available. Temporary placement or permanent application, you will be amazed what technology can do for you. LED Solar Signs
L.E.D. Traffic and countdown signal lights are by far the best choice for signal safety. Long lasting GE solid state performance and low tension saves on electricity costs while drastically reducing maintenance costs. Lights are available fully assembled in a plastic or aluminum housing. Lights can be purchsed separately for retrofit and upgrading from incandescent lights. All models have a built in transformer allowing direct connect into 110 V and 220 V power supplies converting the input voltage to low tension. All US Reflector traffic signal lights come with a full 5 year warrantee LED Street Signal Lights
L.E.D. Overhead street lights are by far the best choice when building, upgrading or replacing street lights. Low tension Lights can be directly powered by 110 to 220 Volts inputs thanks to the "smart" built in power converter. Upgrading old lighting or building new lighting there is no guess work. Immediately reduce electric power usage by up to 80%. All US Reflector LED overhead lighting uses optics on every diode driving light directly to were it is intended eliminating glare. LED lights drastically improve visual clarity for motorists and improve security camera visibility for surveillance and pedestrians. All our LED lights can be powered with solar and wind power solutions. Applications include roadway, airports, parking and comercial applications. LED Overhead Lights
L.E.D. Architectural lighting is taking on the new way of illuminating walkways, bicycle ways, and landscaping lighting. US Reflector has brought the phrase "Follow the yellow brick road" to life. Our illuminating paving stones are available in 0.1W, 0.4W, 1W and 3W, allowing any outdoor and mid-day marking to be visual, attractive and safe. LED paving stones eliminate the need for paint and bring visual excitement to parks, monuments, crosswalks, walkways, airports, commercial and residential installations. All markers can be powered with direct current or solar and wind solutions. Available in all colors. LED paving stones install no differently then laying traditional aggregate stone. Illuminating pavers come with quick connect attachment - See also Wall wash lights, programmable to change colors with remote control LED Paving Stones
L.E.D. Work lights are a growing alternative to incandescent lighting by far. Clear 6000 kelvin mid-day light temperature brings a cool illuminated working environment improving visual distance that reduces eye stress while increasing alertness. Although LED work lights are new to the industry,they are comparable to Xenon lighting, therefore we encourage you to look at what your application requires for visual expectations as LED and or Xenon lighting will change the way you work and your world of lighting. Please call us today for more information, choose from pencil beam, broad beam, wide flood, medium flood and trapezoidal light patterns LED Work Lights

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